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1. Why is my water service transferring?
2. How many people are affected by these changes?
3. Has my account already transferred?
4. Will there be any disruption to my water service when this transfer occurs?
5. Where can I find additional information such as tentative transition schedules and more?
6. Will my water rate go us as a result of this change?
7. Are my billing cycles changing?
8. When will I get my first bill from the City of Beaverton?
9. Will my new water bill look different?
10. Does the city offer automatic, online or paperless payment options?
11. What if I want to pay my bill by mail, phone or in-person?
12. Where is the city's water department located?
13. What are the city's normal operating hours?
14. What number do I call if I have a payment question, notice higher than normal water bill or have a billing issue?
15. What number do I call if I have a question about water quality, water pressure or a water emergency?
16. How does the city handle backflow prevention testing?
17. What if I’m currently a TVWD Gold Plan member?
18. Where does the city water come from? Is this different than TVWD's source water?
19. Does the city add fluoride to its water supply?
20. Does the city offer water rebates, free conservation items or have incentive programs similar to TVWD?
21. What if I'm a business?
22. What if I'm a developer?