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1. Where does the compost material go?
2. What about apartments and condos?
3. What is allowed in the compost cart?
4. What cannot go into my compost cart?
5. What about “compostable” plastics like cups, plates and utensils?
6. Can I use compostable liners for my kitchen pail?
7. Can I use a plastic bag to line my kitchen pail?
8. How often will materials be collected?
9. How can I control odors in my cart?
10. My cart isn’t full – should I still set it out at the curb?
11. What are some suggestions for collecting and storing food scraps?
12. Won’t food waste collection make a mess and attract pests?
13. What if I already compost in my backyard?
14. How much yard waste and food scraps are generated in Beaverton?