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1. Does the City have information on what other homeowners have done to make their homes safer?
2. After what year of build date are most homes considered safe because of code requirements for seismic activity?
3. I live in a three story town home. What seismic improvements might it need?
4. If my home has high beamed ceilings, what supports if any is recommended?
5. Should furnaces be attached to the walls like water heaters?
6. Our wood stove sits in the middle of the room and has at least a 10 foot section of pipe to the ceiling. What recommendations are there to better resist earthquakes?
7. How are deck supports upgraded to earthquake standards?
8. Should I worry about trees, Doug firs, near my home in an earthquake?
9. Does Beaverton offer some sort of certification on the work that will be reflected in the property record for the benefit of a future sale?