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1. Do I need a permit to construct or replace a deck?
2. How far from my property line must the deck be (setbacks)?
3. If my deck does not require a permit, must it comply with all of the applicable regulations?
4. My property is located in a subdivision that has covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs). Do I need to show the City that I comply with these CC&Rs?
5. What materials can I use to construct my deck?
6. How is a deck constructed?
7. What type of fasteners should I use?
8. When do I need to put a guardrail on my deck?
9. What are the requirements of a stairway?
10. What is the process for obtaining a permit for a deck?
11. How much are permit fees for a deck?
12. How long does it take to obtain a permit?
13. How long is a permit valid?
14. When is an inspection needed?
15. How long do I have to wait for an inspection?
16. Are there any books available giving instructions on how to build decks?