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1. Who is required to obtain a business license?
2. I am licensed through the State - am I still required to have your license?
3. My business is in my home in Beaverton but all of my work is done outside the City limits - am I required to have a license?
4. How are the City of Beaverton's business license fees calculated - on what basis?
5. Where do I obtain liability insurance and how do I meet bonding requirements?
6. I am a contractor and have hired sub-contractors to complete a job - am I required to include them on my Business license?
7. I want to start a business out of my home, what licensing will I need?
8. I live in Washington County but would like to have a business license - may I apply with your City?
9. Is the Business License a tax for the City of Beaverton?
10. Does the City of Beaverton require solicitation permits?
11. If we have more than one location, is a business license required for each location?
12. What types of businesses are not required to obtain a license?
13. Do I need to get a business license as the new owner of an existing business in the City of Beaverton?
14. When does a hairdresser have to obtain a license?
15. If I own properties, to rent or lease, is a business license required?
16. My business is beginning in August do I need to buy a full year’s license?
17. How do I measure or record the square footage of business?
18. When can I use a seasonal license?