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1. Why is jury service required?
2. Who is eligible to serve as a juror?
3. How long is my term of jury duty?
4. Will I get paid for jury duty?
5. Will I have to come if the case is settled before the day of trial?
6. What if my employer doesn’t want me to serve?
7. Can I change the date that I am required to report?
8. Where is the Municipal Court, and where do I park?
9. What should I bring when I report?
10. When will I get to eat lunch?
11. What if I fail to appear on the day I am summoned?
12. Where do I check in?
13. Where are the restrooms?
14. Can I use a telephone?
15. May I take my cell phone or pager into the courtroom?
16. What kind of case will I hear?
17. Why does the judge have a computer terminal on his/her bench?
18. Will I be chosen for a specific trial?
19. May I investigate or research the case outside of the court?
20. Are there certain rules of court that I need to follow?
21. What are the stages of a typical trial?
22. What should I expect when the jury retires for deliberation?
23. Do I go back into open court?