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1. The catch basin in my parking lot is full of pine needles, can you unplug it?
2. Who is responsible for cleaning the catch basins in the street in front of my home?
3. Why does water come out of the catch basin when it rains?
4. Somebody dumped oil in the catch basin. What can the City do about it?
5. Can you cover the catch basins so that baby ducklings can't fall in?
6. What does the Wastewater Section do?
7. How are sewer lines maintained?
8. Who maintains the lateral from my home or business?
9. There is a manhole in my backyard. What is it for?
10. What should I do if I see liquid flowing out of a manhole?
11. Is it okay to dump grease down my house drains?
12. Where is the wastewater treated?
13. Is it okay to flush plastic items down the toilet?
14. Is it okay to dump car oil down the sanitary drain system in my house?
15. Is there anything to keep in mind when I landscape my yard?
16. How can I tell if my house is hooked up to the storm drain?
17. I think there is a break in one of the drainage systems in my yard. Can you check it out?
18. Why can't I wash out my painting equipment in the storm drain?
19. Can the City do anything about all the water in my backyard?
20. Where does all the water go?
21. Who is in charge of cleaning up the creeks?
22. Does the City maintain the detention pond in my neighborhood?
23. Who is going to mow this tall grass in the pond by my house?
24. What is storm detention?
25. Can we get some of those storm drain markers for a Boy Scout / Girl Scout troop project?
26. Why aren’t potholes patched immediately?
27. How are streets selected for resurfacing?
28. Why do the road crews always have to do their work during the busiest part of the day?
29. Why don’t they overlay the streets at night?
30. How do I report a burned out streetlight?
31. How do I report a malfunctioning traffic signal?
32. Does the City require a permit for a homeowner or business to remove a tree?
33. Does the City require a permit for a homeowner or business to prune trees?
34. Who is responsible for leaf disposal from street trees?
35. What types of trees can be planted in the public right-of-way?
36. Who is responsible for leaf disposal from street trees?
37. What are the street trees height regulations for providing proper clearance for traffic?
38. Does the City provide insect and disease control for street trees?
39. Does the City have any regulations regarding the planting of street trees?