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We’ve hired our city manager!

The Beaverton City Council has appointed Jen Haruyama as the city’s new City Manager. Jen Haruyama will report to the City Council and provide administrative leadership to departments as part of Beaverton’s transition to a council-manager form of government.

Photo of a smiling Jen Haruyama.Jen Haruyama has served as the City Manager of Tracy, California, since 2019. Her local government leadership career began in 2000 as the Assistant Finance Director of the Town of Los Gatos, California. She then transitioned to the City of Tracy, California, as the Administrative Services Director and the Interim Assistant City Manager. Subsequently, she served as the Assistant City Manager of Livermore, California, and then the City Manager of Scotts Valley, California. Jen received her Master of Public Administration degree from California State University, Hayward and her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from San Jose State University.

City Manager

The office of city manager is established as the administrative head of the city government. The city manager is responsible to the council for the proper administration of all city business.

City Manager is the administrative head of the city who:

  • Oversees daily operations and delivery of city services,
  • Proposes and administers the city budget,
  • Appoints, supervises, and removes city staff,
  • Make reports and recommendations to the council about the needs of the city,
  • Has no authority over the mayor, councilors, support staff of mayor or council, city attorney, municipal judges, or city auditor.

The city has appointed an Interim City Manager as of January 1, 2021 who will serve in this role for approximately six months.

Kurt Wilson, Interim City Manager

The Interim City Manager will support the transition to the new city charter and the recruitment, selection and early onboarding of a long term city manager.

City Manager and the 2021 City Charter FAQs

Beaverton Charter of 2021