Why should I be concerned about cross connection?
Most water systems in the United States have good sources of water or sophisticated filter facilities to convert non-potable water into potable (drinkable) water to meet the Environmental Protection Agency Drinking Water Standards. Many millions of dollars are spent to make non-potable water into potable water before it enters the distribution system.

Most water purveyors think that their water is not in jeopardy from this point on. Studies have proven this to be wrong. Some water systems have become contaminated through plumbing connections that allow contaminates to enter the system. These connections are often referred to as cross connections.

Cross connections are installed each day in the United States, mostly by plumbers or professional water people who are unaware of the problem they can create. Some of the hazards of such connections can be disabling illness, contaminated food products, industrial and chemical products rendered useless, and - in some extreme cases - death. As a result, many hours and dollars are lost due to a lack of understanding of the hazards associated with cross connections.

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1. Why should I be concerned about cross connection?
2. What is a cross connection?
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