How will the Community Plan address natural resources?

Natural resources are a defining characteristic of Cooper Mountain. The Community Plan will identify natural features (including creeks, riparian areas, wetlands and other wildlife habitat) and determine how to balance natural resource protection with infrastructure provision and development. Given the area’s steep slopes and risk for potential landslides, the Community Plan will explore best practices for hillside development and hazard mitigation. The project will consider how to integrate and connect habitat areas and wildlife crossings, incentivize natural resource protection, maintain scenic views, build resilient neighborhoods, and provide new code regulations that implement the vision and policies for Cooper Mountain.

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1. Why do we need a Community Plan?
2. Who is involved in the process?
3. What type of development is expected to occur in Cooper Mountain?
4. Is Beaverton going to bring this area into its city limits?
5. What about traffic and transportation planning?
6. How will infrastructure be paid for in Cooper Mountain?
7. How will the Community Plan address natural resources?
8. How does this plan relate to the Cooper Mountain Utility Plan?