What about traffic and transportation planning?

Identifying transportation solutions and implementing them is a priority for the city. The challenges are well-known: two-lane rural roads, reliance on 175th Avenue as a key north-south route, increasing congestion, lack of bicycle and pedestrian facilities, unsafe intersections, and challenging winter conditions. The Community Plan will review and update transportation improvements identified in the Concept Plan and add new information from more recent studies by Washington County. The Community Plan process will determine key street alignments, walking and biking routes, and the potential for future transit service. It will identify funding strategies and establish the roles of the City of Beaverton, Washington County, TriMet, and developers in building new transportation facilities.

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1. Why do we need a Community Plan?
2. Who is involved in the process?
3. What type of development is expected to occur in Cooper Mountain?
4. Is Beaverton going to bring this area into its city limits?
5. What about traffic and transportation planning?
6. How will infrastructure be paid for in Cooper Mountain?
7. How will the Community Plan address natural resources?
8. How does this plan relate to the Cooper Mountain Utility Plan?