Who is involved in the process?

The Cooper Mountain Community Plan will apply a lens of racial equity, consistent with the city’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan (2019), with a goal of providing great neighborhoods for all. Beaverton has hired Unite Oregon to lead multicultural engagement efforts for the Community Plan.

The planning process will be led by the city’s Community Development Department. The process will be advised by a community advisory committee (CAC), technical advisory committee (TAC), stakeholders, property owners, and local residents. Public engagement will begin during the early phases of the project, intensify during the Community Planning phase, and continue through plan adoption.

The process will be coordinated with and informed by related efforts, including the Cooper Mountain Utility Plan. The city will work closely with Washington County, Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District, Clean Water Services, and other partner governments.

In addition, the city has hired a consultant team led by Angelo Planning Group to assist with the Community Plan. The team includes the following six consulting firms:

  • Angelo Planning Group: Project Management and Land Use Planning
  • JLA Public Involvement: Community Engagement
  • DKS Associates: Transportation Planning
  • ECONorthwest: Market Analysis and Infrastructure Funding
  • Walker Macy: Master Planning and Urban Design
  • David Evans and Associates: Natural Resource Planning

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1. Why do we need a Community Plan?
2. Who is involved in the process?
3. What type of development is expected to occur in Cooper Mountain?
4. Is Beaverton going to bring this area into its city limits?
5. What about traffic and transportation planning?
6. How will infrastructure be paid for in Cooper Mountain?
7. How will the Community Plan address natural resources?
8. How does this plan relate to the Cooper Mountain Utility Plan?