Why do we need a Community Plan?

In December 2018, the Metro Council voted to expand the urban growth boundary (UGB) to include the 1,232-acre Cooper Mountain area, enabling the city to embark on planning for the next 10 to 20 years of development on Cooper Mountain. The Cooper Mountain Community Plan project is a priority because the demand for housing in the region is strong and the adjacent South Cooper Mountain area is developing faster than expected. Cooper Mountain is an important future land supply for the city that is anticipated to bring at least 3,760 homes to the city over time, including a mix of single-family and multi-family homes.

For more information on Metro’s UGB process and decision, visit www.oregonmetro.gov/ugb

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1. Why do we need a Community Plan?
2. Who is involved in the process?
3. What type of development is expected to occur in Cooper Mountain?
4. Is Beaverton going to bring this area into its city limits?
5. What about traffic and transportation planning?
6. How will infrastructure be paid for in Cooper Mountain?
7. How will the Community Plan address natural resources?
8. How does this plan relate to the Cooper Mountain Utility Plan?