What are some suggestions for collecting and storing food scraps?

Collecting food scraps in a reusable container in the kitchen is an easy way to save leftovers for your green cart. Coffee cans, plastic food storage containers or compost kitchen pails can be used. If you choose to collect food scraps using paper products, you can place them directly in your cart! For example:

  • Place food scraps in a plain paper bag to prevent scraps from sticking.
  • Collect food scraps in a cereal box or tissue box. Be sure to remove any plastic lining.
  • Wrap food scraps in a paper towel or old newspaper.

To reduce odors in your kitchen, residents in some communities freeze food scraps like meat, poultry and fish in a reusable container until it’s time to take scraps to your cart.

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14. What are some suggestions for collecting and storing food scraps?
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