Supervision in the Community after Prison or Jail:
Formal probation also known as supervised probation, is a sentence of community supervision ordered by a judge, usually instead of jail or prison, but may include a period of jail. It allows the convicted person to live in the community for a specified period of time under the supervision of a probation officer, subject to compliance with the general and special conditions of supervision. Formal probation is often used in felony cases and person-to-person misdemeanor cases.

Bench Probation is used when the sentencing Judge decides to supervises the defendant. Bench probation is most often, but not always, used in misdemeanor cases.

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1. Supervision in the Community after Prison or Jail:
2. How long will an offender be on supervision?
3. Can a victim give advice on the conditions of supervision?
4. What happens if the offender refuses to do what he / she is supposed to do?
5. Can I meet with the offender?
6. Who do I talk to about a concern or request more information?
7. What if the offender keeps harassing me - or I see him / her violating parole or probation?