Cooper Mountain Community Plan


We’re planning new neighborhoods for Cooper Mountain, and we need your advice on what makes a welcoming and inclusive neighborhood where everyone can thrive. We’re inviting you to an online interactive event at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Jul. 29. 

Date: Thursday, July 29

Time: 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.

Location: Zoom (see details below)*

*Spanish interpretation will be provided

Please note: Event will be via Zoom webinar and all attendees will be muted/video off. Questions can be asked through the Q&A function. You can also submit your question(s) in advance by using the Online Comment Form

Participate Online:  

Call in: +1 669 900 6833  or +1 253 215 8782  or +1 312 626 6799  or +1 929 205 6099  

Webinar ID: 879 5615 4605 

Passcode: 410814 

If you can’t join us on July 29, visit the Cooper Mountain Online Open House between July 29 and August 22 to review the early ideas for the plan and share your thoughts. This page will be updated with a link to the online open house. We’ll be asking for your thoughts on important topics like:

 At the online open house event, we’ll be asking for your thoughts on important topics like:

• Where are the best places for apartments?

• What commercial opportunities make a great neighborhood?

• How can the transportation system help people get to important destinations safely and comfortably?

• How should we preserve and incorporate natural resources as we make new neighborhoods?

We’re going to have an exciting time getting from these initial questions to plans over the next 12 months, so don’t miss out!





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Get to Know Cooper Mountain

The Cooper Mountain area includes over 1,200 acres along Beaverton’s southwestern city limits. The City of Beaverton is leading a planning effort to determine how to provide new homes, roads, parks and welcoming neighborhoods to Cooper Mountain.

The city recently completed research to identify opportunities for the plan and better understand the built and natural systems found within Cooper Mountain. To make sure we got it right, we’re asking for your input on opportunities and existing conditions documents, including:

Conociendo Cooper Mountain

El área de Cooper Mountain incluye más de 1,200 acres junto a los límites del suroeste de la ciudad de Beaverton. La ciudad de Beaverton está dirigiendo un esfuerzo de planificación para determinar cómo ofrecer nuevos hogares, calles, parques y vecindarios acogedores para Cooper Mountain.

La ciudad recientemente finalizó la investigación para identificar oportunidades para el plan y comprender mejor los sistemas naturales y artificiales que se encuentran dentro de Cooper Mountain. Para asegurarnos de hacerlo bien, le pedimos su opinión sobre los documentos preliminaries, incluyendo:

Project Description

The Cooper Mountain Community Plan is a multi-year effort to plan for the 1,232-acre Cooper Mountain area, which was recently added to Metro’s urban growth boundary.

The Cooper Mountain Community Plan will establish a long-term vision for the area’s growth and development to support welcoming, walkable neighborhoods that honor the unique landscape and ensure a legacy of natural resource protection and connection.

The area is anticipated to provide at least 3,760 homes, including a mix of single-family and multi-family homes.

The plan will be created with the community. Public engagement will intentionally include historically underserved and underrepresented communities to ensure the project incorporates a variety of ideas and feedback.

Descripción general del Proyecto

El Plan Comunitario de Cooper Mountain es un esfuerzo de muchos años para diseñar el área de 1,232 acres de Cooper Mountain, que recientemente se agregó a los límites de crecimiento urbano de Metro.

El Plan comunitario de Cooper Mountain establecerá una perspectiva a largo plazo para el crecimiento y desarrollo de la zona con el fin de apoyar vecindarios que acojan a sus residentes, que inviten a caminar, respeten el paisaje singular y garanticen un legado de protección y contacto con los recursos naturales.

Se prevé que el área proporcione al menos 3,760 hogares, incluyendo una mezcla de hogares unifamiliares y multifamiliares.

El plan se creará con la comunidad. La participación del público general pretende incluir a las comunidades que históricamente han sido marginadas y que tienen poca representación con el fin de garantizar que el proyecto incorpore diversas ideas y opiniones.

Working Project Goals

  • Create equitable outcomes for residents, including historically under served and underrepresented communities.
  • Provide new housing in a variety of housing types and for all income levels.
  • Preserve, incorporate, connect, and enhance natural resources.
  • Improve community resilience to climate change and natural hazards.
  • Provide public facilities and infrastructure needed for safe, healthy communities.
  • Provide safe, convenient access to important destinations while supporting transportation options, including walking and biking.
  • Provide opportunities for viable commercial uses, including places to work and places to buy goods and services.
  • Identify feasible, responsible funding strategies to turn the vision into a reality.

Metas del Proyecto

  • Lograr resultados equitativos para los residentes, incluidas las comunidades históricamente marginadas y con poca representación.
  • Proporcionar nuevas viviendas con diversos tipos de casas y para todos los niveles de ingresos.
  • Preservar, integrar, contactar y mejorar los recursos naturales.
  • Mejorar la resiliencia de la comunidad ante los cambios climáticos y los peligros naturales.
  • Proporcionar los servicios públicos y la infraestructura necesarios para que las comunidades sean seguras y saludables.
  • Proporcionar acceso seguro y práctico a destinos importantes, y a su vez, apoyar opciones de transporte, lo que incluye caminar y andar en bicicleta.
  • Proporcionar oportunidades para usos comerciales viables, incluidos lugares para trabajar y lugares para comprar bienes y servicios.
  • Identificar estrategias de financiación viables y responsables para hacer realidad la visión.

Project Timeline

Cooper Mountain Community Plan Timeline