City Business Resources

The City of Beaverton offers many resources for businesses. Contact Mike Williams, Economic Development Division Manager, at 503-526-2456 or, for more information. 

Resources include:

Recycle at Work Program

This program provides assistance to businesses in setting up, expanding or maintaining recycling programs. Recycling boxes and facilitation with franchised garbage haulers are included. Contact the Recycle at Work Program Coordinator at 503-526-2460. 

Business and Consumer Mediation Services

This program helps consumers and merchants resolving disputes through professionally trained mediators. Disputes may include service agreements, damage, repairs, refunds, warranty issues, salesperson complaints, billing, withheld payments, noise complaints, and parking issues. Contact the Mediation Center at 503-526-2523. 

Business Librarian and Business Resource Center

The Beaverton Library offers a comprehensive business center with information on taxes, business structures, marketing, business plan development and more. Contact Jill Adams at 503-644-2197. 

Permits and Regulations 

Business Licenses