Over-the-Counter Plan Review

Electronic Submittals

As of March 4, 2019, Beaverton requires electronic submittal of all documents for plan review. For Over-the-Counter review, you must submit all electronic documents at least one day prior to arriving at the front desk to meet with a plans examiner. Please follow the directions for Electronic Document Submittal.

Additionally, please note the following:

  • You must include a CDD Transmittal Form which clearly states that the plans are intended for OTC review,
  • You must include a permit application form, and
  • If emailing your documents to BuildingPlanSubmit@BeavertonOregon.gov, your subject line must read:
    • For OTC Review - [Project name] - [Project Address]
    • Example:  For OTC Review - Betty’s Boutique Tenant Improvement - 12345 SW Main St.
  • For documents that are too large to email, please visit our Building in Beaverton page for additional instructions.
  • Over-the-counter plan review criteria - Review must take no longer than 30 minutes to review and process (plans examiner time only) and must not include the following:
    • structural work
    • electrical
    • plumbing
    • mechanical units that require screening
    • type one hood or suppression systems
    • any work which will result in a design review (exterior changes)
    • H or I occupancies
    • high-pile storage racks
    • change in use

Over-the-Counter General Information

For minor non-structural modifications with a tenant improvement or single-family projects, applicants may request an “over-the-counter” plan review. An over-the-counter plan review means your plans can be reviewed and, if approved, your permit can be issued to you immediately. All of the applicable information listed in the “Permit application requirements and plan review procedures” section of the Building Services Division Operating Plan must be submitted with the application. 

The plans examiner will determine if the proposed work is minor enough in nature that a plan review can be completed within about 30 minutes and an over-the-counter plan review is warranted. 

Plans in need of Land Use or Zoning approvals will not be done over-the-counter. Please see Plan Information for Tenant Improvements page

Plan Review Staff Availability

To see a plans examiner for possible Over the Counter Plan Review, hours are 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and again at 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m or by appointment (Monday through Friday). Over-the-counter plan reviews and temporary TI permit issuance will be conducted at the above scheduled times. 

Temporary Tenant Improvement (TI) Permits

If an over-the-counter plan review cannot be provided, Temporary Tenant Improvement (TI) permits are available. A temporary TI permit authorizes construction work to begin prior to the issuance of a permit subject to the restrictions and limitations contained within the application. A copy of the Temporary TI permit application and requirements may be obtained from the Building Services Division or are available on the Plan Review Procedures, Checklists & Forms page. 

The plans examiner will determine if the proposed work is of a minor enough complexity to allow issuance of a temporary TI permit. If the temporary TI permit can be issued, a set will be stamped with a temporary TI permit approval and returned to the applicant to be kept at the job site.