Quality of Life

Housing Options

Whatever your preferred style of living, you can find it in Beaverton. From luxury condominiums to architecturally diverse homes, the city has something for everyone. Just as there is no typical person who chooses to call Beaverton home, there is no typical type of housing. Every family has a different need.

Older single family home
The Round with Max train

For those who prefer the urban lifestyle, the upscale lofts of The Round offer the best of city living without the big city pitfalls. Additionally, a variety of condominiums and townhomes throughout Beaverton offer apartment-style living with the chance to build equity and own property.

For those who rent, easily accessible apartment complexes exist in every part of the city. And for the family that wants a neighborhood, there couldn't be more options. From new developments to established neighborhoods, families can find whatever suits their needs--whether they want a small home or a large one, a large lot or a low-maintenance one, a home near schools or a secluded home near the country.

Single family home
SW 2nd St condominiums

Cost of Living

Beaverton is one of the most affordable communities in the area due to its wide diversity of housing. In addition, Portland's cost of living is competitive to other large cities around the country:

CityCost of Living Index
San Diego141.0
San Francisco177.0
New York212.1