Manufactured Home Park Mediation

Manufactured Home (MFH) Mediation

The Center for Mediation and Dialogue serves residents of Washington County, east of 185th with free mediation, facilitation, one-on-one conflict coaching and conflict resolution workshops. The MFH program assists homeowners, residents, managers and park owners to resolve conflicts associated with the parks and living situations. Over 80% of cases that come to our center are resolved and the outcomes are decided by the participants.

January 1st 2020, Senate Bill 586 will require park managers to attempt mediation before arbitration or litigation. We are here to support MFH homeowners and park managers during this transition and when the need arises to have the help of a neutral third party.  Some examples of issues for mediation include: interpersonal conflict, residents and manager negotiating implementation of new park rules, or transitions to move out of a park without proceeding to-file for eviction in court. We are here to assist anytime there is a communication breakdown.

Contact information 503-526-2523,  or email to set up an intake call.