Homeowners Association Mediation

About Homeowners and Condominium Association Mediation

The Homeowners and Condominium Association Mediation program is designed to provide a convenient and confidential forum for the resolution of disputes involving Homeowner Associations (HOAs) and Condominium Associations (COAs). The Center serves residents of Washington County, east of 185th Ave. with free mediation, facilitation, one-on-one conflict coaching and conflict resolution workshops. 

Many HOA/COA governing documents require arbitration or mediation prior to filing a lawsuit.  Please refer to ORS 94.630 and ORS 100.405 for more details.  We are here to support homeowners and boards when the need arise to have the help of a neutral third party.  Lawyer fees can be expensive and with litigation someone has to bear the financial burden which only further erodes relationships and makes for an unhappy HOA/COA  community.  Let us help with issues such as different interpretations of bylaws, neighbor relations, parking and noise or other common disputes before they escalate. 

The Center for Mediation and Dialogue has been assisting HOA/COAs residents and boards resolve conflict and restore relationship for over 30 years.  More than 80% of cases that come to the table reach an agreement. 

Have your association learn more about our services with a short presentation at your board meeting. Schedule with us now at mediation@beavertonoregon.gov