Additional Services


In addition to mediation, the CMD offers facilitation, conflict coaching, and conflict resolution education.*  

  • Facilitation: Examples include, development of community agreements involving difficult neighborhood and community issues, providing strategic planning, goal-setting and meeting assistance for organizations, committees and homeowners association boards, and development of community-building projects. 
  • Conflict Coaching: Cases include nearly all community-based issues where only one party would like assistance.  Mediators work with community member one-on-one to help strategize ways to address the issue without the use of formal mediation. 
  • Education: CMD staff teach an average of 29 workshops a year to community members, volunteer mediators and facilitators, city of Beaverton staff, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. See workshop page for more details. 

*Depending on the situation, fees for services may apply, please contact staff for more information.