What is Mediation?

About Mediation

"I appreciate the information and the support that let me face the problem and work it out with my neighbor."

Conflicts are natural and a part of everyday life. Mediation is an effective tool in creating a safe and confidential way to resolve disputes with the assistance of an impartial third party. The mediator does not solve problems, but helps parties resolve conflict by working together toward a mutually beneficial resolution. Through the process, parties are able to gain a clearer picture of their interests and the interests of the other party. The parties have complete control throughout the process, and because parties take responsibility for their own solutions they are more likely to keep their agreements.

Why Use Mediation?

  • Free - Our service is available at no cost to all residents of Washington County east of 185th Avenue.
  • Voluntary - Participation in mediation is completely voluntary. You may end the mediation process at any time and for any reason.
  • Confidential - Mediation is private and confidential, in order to encourage open, honest discussion. With very few exceptions, everything said in mediation is confidential.
  • Fair -In mediation, you tailor your own solution to the dispute. If you do not think a settlement proposal is fair, you reject or modify it.
  • Relationship-Oriented - Mediation finding solutions together, designed with the needs of all parties in mind.
  • Fast - Mediations are usually scheduled within two weeks of the time of request. Mediation sessions last approximately two hours and most cases are resolved in one to two sessions.
  • Less Stressful - The mediators will establish guidelines for communication to provide a safe place to talk. Mediations are informal and emphasize conversation, understanding, and collaborative problem solving.
  • Educational - The mediation process teaches you alternative ways to handle disputes in the future.
  • Successful & Satisfying -More than eight out of 10 cases reach agreement. 95% of clients surveyed would recommend mediation to someone in a similar situation.