Action 5: Throw Away Less

Reduce Waste

Consider implementing practices that help your business produce, use and dispose of less. Are there ways your business can reduce the amount of garbage produced?

  • Identify what items are in your garbage and recycling bins. Do they really need to be used?
  • Survey employees and ask them to identify ways to prevent and reduce waste.
  • Do at least one activity per year to help your business use and dispose of fewer items. This may help your business save money along the way!

Ways to Reduce

  • Use less paper by printing on both sides.
  • Manage the needs of employees, clients and customers online instead of in print.
  • Switch to durable dishware for everyday employee use.
  • Use alternatives to single-serve or individually-packaged items.
  • Donate excess food from meetings. Find a nearby food rescue agency that fits your needs at Tools of Change.