Being Prepared for the Unexpected

Emergencies or disasters may require the evacuation of people from hazard areas to areas of lower risk. During emergencies such as floods, hazardous materials spills or releases, or major fires, Beaverton first responders or Emergency Operations Center (EOC) personnel may determine that the evacuation of part of the community is prudent to minimize loss of life.

There are no pre-established evacuation routes in Beaverton, because we have no way of pre-determining what areas and routes will be safe. The potential safe areas and routes will vary significantly based on the type and location of the emergency or disaster.

When an emergency or disaster occurs an assessment will be done to determine if it requires people to be evacuated to areas of lower risk. Evacuation information will then be distributed through multiple means including local broadcast media, social media and possibly city personnel going door to door. In some cases, including earthquakes, residents may need to shelter at their homes or places of businesses until its safe for them to move to other locations. When you are notified of the need to evacuate please do so immediately.

Things To Do If an Evacuation is Called

Things you should do if an emergency evacuation is called include:

  • Calling your out-of-area contact and letting them know when you are safe
  • Leaving a note inside your home that says when you left and where you are going
  • Locking your house
  • Taking your "go bag"
  • Using routes identified in the evacuation information
  • Wearing appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes

Contact Us

To learn more about Beaverton's emergency evacuation routes, please contact the Emergency Management Department at 503-629-6400.