Urban Legends

Fake Disaster & Terrorism Stories

There are a number of stories circulating around the Internet that are about disasters, terrorism, and the possibility of terrorist attacks. Many rumors and stories being passed around are false and it is important to verify the accuracy of a story before you pass it on to other people.

There are some websites that specialize in urban legends and providing accurate information about what is really happening. If you would like to check the accuracy of a story you have received, feel free to review the following websites:

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The Triangle of Life

Since the recent round of earthquakes, we have been getting questions about an email circulating from Doug Copp, which advocates what he calls “The Triangle of Life,” as the best way to protect yourself in the event of an earthquake. In short – This is bad information and following it could put you at greater risk of injury or death during an earthquake. There are a couple of kernels of good advice in what he advocates, like don’t stand in doorways and stay away from stairs; but overall his recommendations are more dangerous than helpful.

The proper response to an Earthquake is Drop, Cover, and Hold on

Mr. Copp has been pushing for recognition of the Triangle of Life since the early 1990s and every time a major earthquake hits the news, his emails pop up once again. There have been no scientific studies conducted on his theories, while studies and research by the Red Cross and other organizations still support the use of Drop, Cover, and Hold-on. Drop, Cover and Hold-on is particularly relevant in the US where buildings are less likely to catastrophically fail and most injuries and fatalities are from falling debris and objects.

Additional Information (for those interested):