Levels of Activation


There are three levels of activation for the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) - none, limited, and full.


There is no need for the EOC to be activated, because all aspects of the incident can be handled by the on-scene incident command post and/or a department operations center (DOC).

Limited (Partial)

For small incidents that impact large areas or complex incidents within a small area that impact a large number of agencies and the public (e.g., hazardous materials incident, terrorist attack, etc.), the incident commander may elect to call in a limited number of EOC staff. The specific functions / positions activated are based on incident demands, with primary consideration being given to:

  • Emergency Manager
  • Incident Commander
  • Logistics Chief
  • Message Center Manager
  • Operations Chief
  • Planning Chief
  • Public Information Officer (PIO)
  • Safety


For larger incidents, the entire EOC team is called in for a full activation of the EOC. After activation of the EOC and initial briefing of the staff, the incident commander may reduce the level of staffing needed to support response activities.

For More Information

For a depiction of the relationship between the levels of disaster, levels of response, and levels of EOC activation, please view this table.