Emergency Operations Center


The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is an established location / facility in which City staff and officials can receive information pertaining to an incident and from which they can provide direction, coordination, and support to emergency operations.

Organizational Structure

The EOC is staffed by City personnel who are assigned to specific positions within the EOC organizational structure. The structure is based on the new National Incident Management System’s (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS).


EOC staff members provide information and recommendations to the Mayor through the incident commander or as directed to develop a course of action to respond to and contain, control, and recover from an emergency.

Some of the primary functions that are performed at the EOC include:

  • Coordinating activities
  • Managing operations
  • Offering logistical support
  • Planning
  • Providing emergency information to the public
  • Providing financial management and support
  • Tracking and disseminating information