How to Apply

Neighborhood Matching Grant Applications are reviewed throughout the year.

  1. Present your idea at your Neighborhood Association Committee (NAC) meeting for sponsorship. The NAC must support your project for it to move forward. If you are not sure which NAC you belong to or when they meet, please contact the Neighborhood Program at 503-526-3706.
  2. Complete and submit a Neighborhood Program Matching Grant Fund Application (see below).The application must be signed by an officer of the NAC supporting the idea and the project applicant. The chair, vice chairman, treasurer, or recorder of the NAC are able to sign the application. The application must also include a forecast of revenue expenses, including a description of how the requested funding will be matched.

Application for Matching Grant Funding

Note: Applications are accepted and reviewed throughout the year.

Additional Resources

Contact Us

For more information, contact the Neighborhood Program or at 503-526-3706.

Projects not eligible for grant funding include:

  • Duplication of an existing private or public program or service
  • Ongoing services requests that support service organization's operating budgets
  • Capital or operating costs for private business or facilities
  • Projects that conflict with existing city policy