Neighborhood Matching Grant Program

"Since 2008 the Neighborhood Matching Grant Program has resulted in over $302,000 in neighborhood match while providing only about $51,000 to the city's eleven NACs!"

Program Goals & Purpose

Could having a block party or other special event in your neighborhood bring people together to discuss neighborhood issues and concerns? Do you know of a great place to put a neighborhood welcome sign? Would you like to organize a concert in your local park? Are there public areas of your neighborhood that could use trees or other landscaping improvements? If you are willing to put in the work, your ideas could become a reality through the City of Beaverton’s Neighborhood Matching Grant Fund.

Beaverton’s Neighborhood Matching Grant program supports efforts to improve and enhance community spaces and cultivates opportunities for neighbors to host community-building events or improvements.

How the Program Works

The City of Beaverton provides small grants to its 11 Neighborhood Association Committees (NACs) to foster partnerships between the City and its NACs each year. Through an application process, qualifying NACs will receive dollar-for-dollar matching funds for specific projects.

For example, if $1,000 is requested by a NAC from the City, then at least $1,000 of match must be proposed and provided when the application is approved. Matches may be in the form of volunteer labor (valued at $23.56 per hour as of 2017 by the Independent Sector), donated professional services, donated materials and supplies, and/or cash.

The process is simple. Anyone in the neighborhood can present an idea at their NAC meeting. If the NAC supports the idea it can move forward and the completed application is submitted to the Neighborhood and Public Involvement Program. Applications are reviewed throughout the year.

How to Apply (Link to application and other information)

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Past Projects

Some successful projects of the past have included:

  • Theatre and Concerts in the Park
  • Reading Programs & Book Drives in Collaboration with Local Schools
  • Bikes and Helmets for Kids Event
  • Neighborhood Welcome Signs
  • Restoration of Parks and Tree Plantings
  • Installation of Benches in Local Parks
  • And many more!

Projects not eligible for grant funding include:

  • Duplication of an existing private or public program or service
  • Ongoing services requests that support service organization's operating budgets
  • Capital or operating costs for private business or facilities
  • Projects that conflict with existing city policy