Residential Rates


Beaverton’s residential garbage and recycling service includes weekly collection of garbage, compost (yard and food waste), mixed recycling, and glass recycling collected all on the same day. To find out your collection day, contact your hauler.

Residential Rates & Services

Effective September 1, 2021
The following rates apply to single-family dwellings and other housing with individual garbage and recycling service. If you shared garbage service, common in a multi-family dwellings, please contact your property manager for more information on garbage and recycling rates.

Service Rate
20-gallon can / roll-cart $25.70
32-gallon can / roll-cart $29.40
60-gallon can / roll-cart $44.10
90-gallon can / roll-cart $51.30
Will-Call (per occurrence) $15.90
Recycling Only $10.15
Composting Only $7.45

Note - Monthly rates include weekly roll-cart service for garbage, recycling, and compost, and a glass recycling bin. All containers must be placed at curbside on the scheduled pick-up day by 6:00 a.m.

Other Rates & Services

Service Rate
Extra Solid Waste (per can/cart up to 32 gallons, per occurrence)
Extra Yard Debris (per kraft bag or set-out up to 32 gallons, per occurrence)
Second Composting Roll-cart (monthly charge for weekly service of a second 60-gallon cart)
Call-backs / Return for Pick-Up of Inaccessible Can (per service call)
Off-Curb Service Fee (Roll-cart retrieval services more than five feet from curb; per occurrence)
Special Services and/or Bulky Waste Fee (per hour, plus disposal, if applicable) $70.00
Over-Capacity Fee (Fee charged when roll-cart is overfilled; per occurrence) $2.35
NSF Check Fee (per occurrence) $35.00
Account Reinstatement Fee (per occurrence) $35.00
Tire Disposal   Not accepted at curb: See Bulky waste pick-up. Varies

Drop Box Service Rate
Delivery Fee (All drop box sizes)
Haul Fee (for 10-yard and 20-yard boxes)
Haul Fee (for 30-yard and 40-yard boxes)
Note - Price does not include disposal cost and fees

Compactor Rate
Haul Fee
Note - Price does not include disposal cost and fees

Other Drop Box & Compactor Service Information

  • Actual disposal cost is the rate charges at a Metro-approved landfill or transfer station.
  • An additional charge of $1.75 per mile is added if round trip to landfill / transfer station is more than 24 miles.
  • Fees include the operating margin and franchise fee.

Demurrage Per Day (After 48 Hours)

Box Size Daily Rate Monthly Rate
10 yard or 20 yard box
30 yard box
$8.55 $156.00
40 yard box
$10.45 $195.00