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The Library Fountain Project

Renovations are planned for the fountain to reduce the amount of staff time necessary to perform maintenance and repairs, reduce the amount of shutdowns which interfere with public use, and save money in the long run by moving operations to an above-ground pump house. In addition to these structural upgrades, the city will be adding programmable fountain jets, lights, and sound to the fountain to further enhance public enjoyment and add new dimension to city events which take place in and around City Park. Library Fountain Project info.

Senior Affordable Housing Project

Formerly referred to as   “Project C,” the Senior Affordable Housing Project on 5th St is one of the Metro Affordable Housing Bond projects modeled in the Beaverton Local Implementation Strategy. As the project with the most deeply affordable units (38 out of 66), the best location for this project is one central to amenities, public transportation, and social services. The community engagement and outreach done in the development of the LIS identified senior housing as one type of housing desperately needed. Senior housing was prioritized for this site because of the large number of deeply affordable units and accessibility of amenities near the Community Center location. The Senior Affordable Housing Project ground floor has potential for multiple uses, both public or private.

The Book Corner Project

The City of Beaverton is in negotiations to sell the City-owned Book Corner Bookstore site, located at 12470 SW 5th Street, to a private party so that it may be combined with an adjacent parcel for development of a new mixed-use multi-family rental project. The proposal includes 31 one- and two-bedroom rental units, between one and three live-work units on the ground floor, and at least four affordable units.

The proceeds from the site’s sale would pay for remodeling the Beaverton City Library to incorporate the Book Corner Bookstore retail and intake functions.

Learn about the project from the power point presentation or from Sara King, Project Manager: sking@beavertonoregon.gov.

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