PaintCare, Inc. official graphic logo.Oregon PaintCare Pilot Project

PaintCare is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the reuse, recycling, and proper disposal of unwanted paint. Beginning July 1, 2010, a recovery fee has been applied to the purchase price of all containers of paint purchased in the state of Oregon.

This nominal fee will be used to establish paint collection centers throughout the state, providing more opportunities to recycle and properly dispose of your leftover paint.

What happens to the paint?

Oil-based paint may be used in paint exchanges, reprocessed as paint, or for energy recovery.


All usable latex paint collected in Oregon will be processed by Metro into MetroPaint, a recycled interior / exterior latex paint that is filtered to industry standards and tested for performance and environmental safety. MetroPaint can be purchased at Miller Paint stores or at Metro’s outlet on Swan Island.

Accepted Materials

Acceptable materials include five gallons or less of interior and exterior architectural paints, deck coatings, floor paints, waterproofing sealers and repellents, melamine, metal and rust preventatives, primers, varnishes, lacquers, and wood coatings. See the full list of the accepted paint materials. 

Unusable Paint

If there is less than one inch of paint left in the container, remove the lid and let the paint dry completely. Once dry, discard the can in the garbage. Remember, empty, clean metal paint cans and lids can be recycled curbside.