Recycling Electronics

Oregon eCycles graphic with web address: oregonecycles.org.

Technology is constantly changing, resulting in an increasing amount of unwanted electronics. Some of these electronics may contain valuable materials that can be recycled. Additionally, some may contain toxic materials that are hazardous to the environment if not disposed of properly.

Since January 1, 2010, computers, monitors, and TVs cannot be disposed of in the garbage or at disposal sites such as landfills, transfer stations, or incinerators. On January 1, 2015, computer peripherals (keyboards and mice) and printers were added to the Oregon E-Cycles Program.

The Oregon E-Cycles program makes it easy to recycle your unwanted computers, monitors, televisions, printers and computer peripherals (keyboards and mice) for free at participating locations.

  • Anyone can bring seven or fewer computers (desktops, laptops and tablets), monitors, printers and TVs at a time to participating Oregon E-Cycles collection sites for free recycling.
  • Computer peripherals (keyboards and mice) are also accepted free of charge.
  • Please note that other types of electronics are not included in this program. Oregon E-Cycle collection sites may accept these materials but there may be an associated fee. Contact the collection site for more information.

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