Recycling Containers

Recycle at Work

Graphic photo of Deskside and Central Collection recycling containers with text NEED BOXES?The Recycle at Work program offers free recycling containers to Beaverton businesses. These containers are made from cardboard and come in two sizes.

  • Central Collection Containers (12 inches wide, 26 inches tall, 18 inches deep) are great for copier areas and break rooms.
  • Deskside recycling boxes (9 inches wide, 12 inches tall, 12 inches deep) should be placed at every work station to make recycling easy and convenient.

Your business may require internal containers that are more durable than cardboard or want the containers to match the aesthetic of your workplace. Whatever type of container you choose, make sure the look is consistent across the company and that recycling bins can be distinguishable from garbage containers.

Note: If your company needs to set up recycling service or needs to change the size of the container or frequency of service, contact your hauler directly.

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