Business Recycling Requirements

In an effort to make Beaverton a more sustainable community, Beaverton City Council passed business recycling requirements in April 2009. The ordinance states that businesses shall source separate all recyclable paper, cardboard, glass and plastic bottles and jars, and metal cans for reuse or recycling. (See section 4.08.505 of the Beaverton City Code for the full ordinance.)

Action Plan

It’s easy to have a simple and efficient recycling program at your workplace. Implement these five actions to help you recycle at work.

  • Action 1: Assign Responsibility - Designate an employee who will start and maintain your recycling program, while making recycling easy for everyone.
  • Action 2: Recycle Your Stuff - All Beaverton businesses are required to recycle paper, cardboard, and containers (plastic bottles and tubs, metal, and glass). If you need assistance setting up your program, we can help.
  • Action 3: Make Recycling Easy - Convenience is the key to a great program! Recycling containers should be conveniently located and clearly labeled. Place containers at every desk, in copier areas, mailrooms, and break rooms.
  • Action 4: Train Your Team - At least once a year, provide your coworkers and new employees with information on what can and cannot be recycled and where recycling collection areas are located.
  • Action 5: Throw Away Less - Consider implementing practices that help your business produce, use, and dispose of less. Are there ways your business can reduce the amount of garbage produced?

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