It is required that Oregon multifamily complex managers provide recycling opportunities to residents. If garbage or recycling is not available at your building, please contact your property manager or city staff.

Accepted Recyclables

At each complex, garbage and recycling programs vary, so it is important to get instructions from your property manager. Most Beaverton complexes are able to mix the following items all together (commingling) in the recycling container:

  • Metal (aluminum, tin, steel food cans and scrap metal smaller than 30 inches and less than 30 pounds)
  • Cardboard
  • Paper (all types, but not anything that has touched food or bodily fluids)
  • Plastic bottles and tubs (six ounces or larger), and buckets (five gallons or less)


Glass bottle and jars are treated differently and must be kept separate from the other listed materials. Please look for a cart that is labeled for glass recycling. If you do not see this container, please request glass recycling from your property manager.

In the Bag!Beaverton Recycles reusable shopping bag.

Beaverton’s In the Bag! program makes recycling in apartment complexes easier by providing reusable tote bags to help transport your recyclable materials to the recycling areas.

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