Apartments and condos, sometimes referred to as multifamily communities are buildings with five or more units and shared garbage and recycling collection areas. If you live in a multifamily community you should have containers that accept mixed recycling (accepted paper, plastic and metal), glass (bottles & jars) and garbage. Containers should be clearly labeled and located near each other. Your property manager should provide you with information on how to recycle upon move-in and once every year as a reminder.

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Recycling - What goes in? 

In the Bag - Recycling Made EasyMan holding reusable blue bag for recycling

We’ve made recycling even easier by providing free reusable tote bags to help carry your recyclable materials to your community's recycling areas.

Simply store the bag in a convenient location. Once full, carry the bag to your recycling area and use the handy handle on the bottom to empty. NOTE – be sure to separate any glass recycling and place glass in the appropriate container. Glass is recycled separately from paper, plastic and metal.

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