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Learn how to set up or improve recycling at your business. We're here to help with free posters, stickers, staff training tools, and tips for recycling at your business. 

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Recycling requirements

Beaverton businesses are required to recycle the following: 

  • Paper and cardboard 
  • Metal 
  • Plastic bottles and round containers (6 ounces or larger) and buckets (5-gallons or less) 
  • Glass bottles and jars (collected separately) 

If your property manager provides you with garbage service, they are required to provide you with recycling service. See section 4.08.505 of the Beaverton City Code for the full ordinance and section 3.a.(3) of the Administrative Rules for more details. 

The following will streamline your recycling program and ensure compliance: 

  • Clearly labeled collection containers 
  • Posted signs showing what can and can’t be recycled 
  • Annual employee education