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The following items are recyclable in your home or work mixed recycling containers. 

  • Paper - Cardboard (no larger than 36" in any direction), newspaper, magazines, catalogs, envelopes, junk mail, phone books, shredded paper (bagged in paper, not plastic) 
  • Plastic - Bottles and round containers (six ounces or more), buckets (five gallons or less), rigid nursery pots (four or more inches). Remove caps and lids. 
  • Metal - Cans, aluminum foil, scrap metal pieces shorter than 30 inches and less than 30 pounds 
  • Glass - Glass bottles and jars, place in your recycling bin (residential) or glass cart (commercial) 
  • Motor oil - Set used motor oil next to your glass bin in a one-gallon, see-through, unbreakable container with a screw top cap (for residential customers only)

Image of what goes in mixed recycling, compost, garbage and glass recycling

Preparation Guidelines

Follow these simple guidelines to ensure your materials will be recycled: 

  • Please recycle glass separately. Do not mix glass with other recycling. Glass must be recycled separately due to safety concerns for the hauler and the sorting crew. Glass also damages the sorting equipment. 
  • Place only acceptable materials into your curbside recycling container. Resist the temptation to add other items that seem similar or recyclable to you. Unacceptable items must be removed from wanted stuff, this extra processing can lead to increased recycling costs for everyone. 
  • Please place the materials directly into the recycling container. Do not place your recycled materials into a plastic bag. Plastic bags interfere with the operations of the processing equipment, making it more difficult for your materials to be recycled. 
  • Rinse all food and liquid containers. This ensures that bacteria do not flourish and that sugars do not gum up the processing machinery. 

Looking for more information on recycling plastics? Visit our Recycling Plastics Properly page. 

Other Materials

Some items may still be recyclable, but not in our mixed home or work containers. This  may be because they require special handling like electronics and hazardous waste or our difficult to sort from other materials like plastic bags. These materials should be taken to their proper disposal option, click the link below to learn more.