Common Code Violations

Abandoned vehicle with warning sticker on the windowAbandoned Vehicles

Inoperable vehicles left on a public road for more than 48 hours are considered abandoned vehicles.

Chickens and Other Animals

You are allowed to keep up to four hens at single-family homes and duplexes on lots at least 5,000 sq. ft. or greater, but no roosters are allowed within the city limits of Beaverton. Keeping goats, sheep, horses, roosters and livestock is prohibited within the city limits.

Trucks in a Residential Area

A truck with 3 or more axles, or a gross vehicle weight of 20,000 pounds or more, in a residential zone, if not there for the immediate purpose of picking up or delivering goods, is a public nuisance. Report other parking problems to the Beaverton Police Department by calling 503-629-0111.

Tall Grass and Weeds (Noxious Vegetation)

The presence of noxious vegetation on any property, or on the sidewalk or street adjoining property. Property owners are responsible for maintaining the vegetation in the public right-of-way adjoining their property. Noxious vegetation includes:

  • Grass and weeds that are more than 12 inches high
  • Poison oak
  • Poison ivy
  • Blackberry bushes growing across property lines or into the sidewalk or street
  • Vegetation that impairs the visibility of motorists within fifteen feet of an intersection.

Trees and Bushes in the Right-of-Way

Any tree, bush, or groundcover that unreasonably encroaches into the street or sidewalk. This includes:

  • Tree branches or bushes that are lower than 8 feet above any sidewalk or bike path, or lower than 12 feet above any roadway.
  • Groundcover or bushes growing into the street or sidewalk that unreasonably interfere with vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

Uneven sidewalk code violationDefective Sidewalks and Curbs

Property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks adjoining their property.

  • Sidewalks with panels that are more than 1/2 inch higher than bordering panels may be dangerous to pedestrians.


  • Any kind of rubbish, trash, or debris that mars the appearance of property, creates an odor or fire hazard, detracts from the cleanliness or safety of property, or is likely to cause injury.
  • Upholstered furniture that is stored outdoors.
  • Appliances stored outdoors.

Overflowing bins and trash on the groundNotices and Advertisements

Posting or attaching flyers, posters, signs, or advertisements on public property, such as utility poles.

Discarded Vehicles

A “discarded vehicle” is a vehicle that is:

  • Not operable on a public road
  • Wrecked, dismantled or partially dismantled
  • Any major part of a vehicle left outdoors.

Inoperable vehicles must be stored inside a building, such as a garage.

Prohibited Signs

Prohibited signs include:

  • Flashing signs
  • Portable signs, such as A-boards, (except real estate and garage sales signs on private property)
  • Roof signs
  • Signs attached to trees or utility poles
  • Pennants, streamers and banners
  • Signs in the public right-of-way
  • Inflatable signs

Residential Property Maintenance

  • Illegal Dwellings. Dwellings that do not have current service for electricity, sewer, trash disposal and water.
  • Overcrowding. Dwelling occupied by more than one person for every 200 square feet of gross building area.
  • Unsanitary or Unclean. Accumulation of rubbish, garbage or any material that provides a breeding place for insects, rodents or vermin.

Contact Us

For more information about any of the above common code violations, please contact the Code Compliance Program at 503-526-2270.