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Neighbors attending NAC summer theatre performance at local park.Neighborhood Association Committees (NACs)

Currently, the City of Beaverton has 11 recognized Neighborhood Association Committees (NACs). Participation in a NAC is open to anyone who lives, works, owns a business, or represents an institution or nonprofit organization within the boundaries of the NAC. There are no dues or fees for NAC membership. 

Access additional information about Beaverton’s 11 Neighborhood Association Committees (NACs) using the interactive NAC map.

Getting More Involved With Your NAC - Volunteer Opportunities Available

"The NACs are great forums to identify community needs and to develop programs to address them. You have a group of people who know their community, care about the community and are willing to get involved. In addition, you have an extremely supportive City willing to help in any way possible. Please go to your NAC meeting, see how you can help your community." Bill Wood, Winner of the NAC Member Category for the 2012 Service to Beaverton Awards and member of the West Beaverton NAC.

  • Sign Up to Receive Your Neighborhood News and Meeting Agendas at: Notify Me
  • Attend your next NAC meeting. Everyone is welcome, it’s free, and you don’t have to commit to anything. Come out and find out what your NAC has been talking about.
  • Join your NAC’s Board of Directors. Once you attend some meetings you can ask about joining the Board of Directors. All it takes is a commitment to attend future meetings and actively participate in the discussions. The Board of Directors elect the Officers each year and are voting members of the NAC.
  • Become a NAC Officer. Officers are nominated and elected annually by the Board of Directors. Most NACs hold their elections in October (Vose elects in January). These are great volunteer opportunities in your own neighborhood. You can find more detailed descriptions of these positions in the NAC Leadership Handbook located on the NAC Resource Page.
    • Chair & Vice-Chair - Learn and practice your skills at planning and running effective meetings.
    • Recorder - Good listener and writer? Put that know how to work to help keep your neighborhood on track.
    • Treasurer - Are numbers your specialty? Help your NAC maintain a balanced account to accomplish their goals.
    •  Beaverton Committee for Community Involvement (BCCI) Representative - Work with other NACs to accomplish mutual goals.

If you have more questions about how to get involved with your NAC contact Miles Glowacki in the Neighborhood Program at 503-526-3706 or by email at

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