Radio Station

Licensing & Establishment

Map of WQAD coverage area Opens in new window As part of the City of Beaverton’s ongoing commitment to be adequately prepared for emergencies or disasters within our community, the Emergency Management Program has recently installed radio equipment that will help City officials communicate with Beaverton citizens in the event of a natural disaster, terror threat, or other emergency situation. The City has received a license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to operate a low-power, AM radio station that can broadcast within a three-mile radius from the new radio tower installed on the roof of Beaverton City Hall.

Coverage Area

The radio station is located at 1610 AM and has been licensed as WQCI-718 by the FCC. Although the new technology ensures adequate coverage for a three-mile radius, the station coverage area may extend out further, depending upon time of day and weather conditions. The majority of the current boundaries of the City of Beaverton are within the three-mile coverage area. This is a local government notification station and is limited by the FCC to a transmission power of only 10 watts, so some buildings and areas within the coverage area may not be able to receive the signal.

Station Use

In the event of a disaster / emergency, citizens will be able to listen to WQCI-718 for up-to-the-minute reports, instructions, and specific alerts that would pertain to the Beaverton area specifically. For example, if the City’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was activated for an emergency or natural disaster, the new radio station would serve as another tool to get critical information out to Beaverton citizens as quickly as possible. With the new radio station, Beaverton joins more than 200 communities nationally that have received licenses for radio stations to communicate to residents in emergencies.