License Suspension

Driving Privileges

The Court will request that the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) suspend your driving privileges for the following reasons:

  • Failure to appear for a court trial or other hearing date
  • Failure to appear for arraignment
  • Failure to comply with community service or a class
  • Failure to pay fines and fees the day adjudicated or failing to adhere to the installment payment plan

If you chose to do community service in lieu of paying a fine, you must provide proof of completion to the Court by the deadline. If you are part of the Traffic Safety School Program, you must complete the class and provide proof to the Court by the deadline.

Resolving a Suspension

The Court has an interest in resolving their citations and having drivers restore their driving privilege as quickly as possible. If Beaverton Municipal Court has ordered a suspension, you can restore you driving privileges by obtaining the court suspension clearance paperwork from the court then taking the paperwork to the DMV. The DMV may charge you their own fees to clear the suspension.

To obtain suspension clearance paperwork from the court, you have several options:

  1. If you do not want to see a judge, you may come to court during business hours and pay the license suspension fee ($15 per citation) and the fine. You may also sign up for a payment plan if you cannot afford to pay the fine in full. You will receive the license clearance paperwork upon payment of the first $50 installment.
  2. If you cannot afford to pay the fines and fees or you want to discuss the circumstances that led to the suspension with a judge, come to traffic open court to discuss your case. You may bring documentation that supports any request you may have for the judge.

If your citation is in collections, you may contact the collection’s agency to clear the suspension. You can also come to open court and request the judge take the case out of collections and clear the suspension.