Seatbelt safety program



The only eligibility requirement is that this is the first seatbelt citation you have ever received.


Appear at the court clerk’s window to collect the information for the class.

  1. 60 days - You have 60 days to complete the class. The clerk will provide you with a hearing notice with the specific date by which you need to complete the class.
  2. Pay the $70 fee - There is a $70 fee due to the Court at the time you select the seatbelt diversion option.
  3. Attend a class - The clerk will provide you with a handout, listing the dates, times, and locations of the classes. The cost of the class is $20 payable to the organization sponsoring the class.
  4. Turn in your certificate - Any time after you have completed the class bring your certificate to the court clerk’s counter. You do not have to wait for the date on the hearing notice.
  5. Citation Dismissed - When you present your certificate and pay the $70 fee to the Court, within 60 days, the citation will be dismissed. The citation will not appear as a violation on your DMV record.