Bench Probation

You will remain under the jurisdiction of the Court for the length of probation. Failure to comply with the conditions of probation may result in a warrant for your arrest. You could be sentenced to the maximum term in jail if you fail to comply with your probation. Any evaluation, counseling, or testing ordered by the Court will be at your own expense.

General Conditions of Bench Probation

  1. Pay supervision fee, fines, restitution or other fees ordered by the Court
  2. Remain in the State of Oregon unless written permission to leave is granted by the judge
  3. If physically able, find and maintain gainful, full-time employment, approved schooling or a full-time combination of both. Any waiver of this requirement must be based on a finding by the Court stating the reasons for the waiver
  4. Change neither employment nor residence without prior permission from the Court
  5. Obey all municipal, state and federal laws
  6. Promptly and truthfully answer all reasonable inquiries by the Court

Alcohol Conditions of Probation

  1. Complete an alcohol and drug assessment and any treatment recommended.
  2. Do not consume or possess alcohol, marijuana or illegal drugs during the period of probation anywhere or at any time.
  3. Do not enter a bar, lounge, or any other places where consumption of alcohol is a main activity. 
  4. Attend Victims Panel for Intoxicated Drivers at your expense, as directed by the court.
  5. Submit to: breath tests; to field sobriety tests; to search of person, property, and residence, and to body substance tests, including urinalysis upon request, if directed by a treatment provider or the court.

Failure to Report

Failure to report or obey court orders may result in the judge issuing a warrant for your arrest. This includes completing an evaluation, counseling, or treatment. Any evaluation, counseling, or testing ordered by the Court or required by your probation officer will be at your own expense. A monthly probation fee is one of the conditions of probation unless it is waived by the Court or by the probation officer.