Photo Radar / Red Light

Camera Enforcement

Beaverton Police conduct two types of camera enforcement: 1. Fixed Camera (photo equipment is mounted at traffic signals at several major intersection) and 2. Mobile vans (photo equipment and officer are located in a van on the side of the road at various locations through the city).

The regulatory guidance varies depending which type of ticket you receive. If you wish to challenge the ticket on the grounds that it was improperly issued, YOU MUST file a pre-trial motion. Do not raise these issues at trial. See the court’s Supplemental Rules on filing motions with the court.

Fixed Camera – Officers monitor for both Speeding and Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device Violations. Things to know:

  1. All drivers must come to a complete stop before the crosswalk before turning right.
  2. All drivers must stop at a yellow or red light (Oregon has a restricted yellow law).
  3. There is video footage of your alleged violation that you can watch by following the link that is on your ticket in the big yellow box.

    Citation #: BRL5917## | PIN #: 341128####
    For information about Beaverton Municipal Court Traffic School Program, or to make an online payment visit:

  4. Tickets must be mailed within 10 business days.
  5. See ORS 810.437 for legal requirements.

Mobile Vans – Officers monitor speeding only. Things to know:

  1. Tickets must be mailed within 6 business days.
  2. See ORS 810.439 for legal requirements.

Not the Driver?

Individual Defendants: A Certificate of Innocence Form is mailed with every ticket. This form allows the registered owner to have the citation dismissed if they are not the driver of the vehicle so long as it is not a reissued ticket.

Business Defendant: If the ticket was issued in the name of a business then a Certificate of Non-Liability Form should be completed.

These forms should be emailed (or mailed or dropped off) to the court by the person or business whose name is on the ticket, not the driver. Submit the forms before your court date.

Entering a Plea / Paying your Ticket

You can enter your plea (including not guilty) and make your payment online.