Court Payments

Fines, Fees & Assessments

All fines, fees, and assessments are due and owing the day they are imposed.

You will not be sent a bill or a statement. It is your responsibility to submit payment to the Municipal Court on time. Failure to pay a traffic citation may result in the suspension of your driving privileges. Failure to pay on a criminal case may result in a warrant for your arrest.

Fee Schedule

You may sign an installment payment plan at the clerk’s window. The installment payment plan adds a $10 setup fee to the total amount due. The installment payment plan is not an option if you are suspended with the Court.

Make Your Payment Online

  • If you wish to use this form, please check your citation to make sure that your appearance is scheduled for the Beaverton Municipal Court. If the citation is scheduled for any other court (for example: Justice Court, Washington County Court), you MAY NOT use this form.
  • Submitting your payment online does not guarantee that your payment will be accepted.
    If your credit card payment is rejected, then your citation will be considered unpaid and we will notify you that payment was not accepted. After you receive notification that payment was not accepted, the citation will be considered outstanding and a warrant may be issued for arrest and your driver’s license will be suspended. You will need to contact the Court immediately to arrange an alternate method of payment.
  • You need to submit your online citation payment at least one business day before it’s due. It takes about 24 business hours (one business day) to process an online submission.

Municipal Court Payments System