Other Benefits

Deferred Compensation (Section 457 Plan)

A voluntary deferred compensation program is provided by the city. ICMA-RC manages the program for employees. Employees may defer up to $20,500 annually depending upon their wages. Those who are age 50 and over can defer up to $27,000 annually and three-year pre-retirement can defer up to $41,000 annually.

Employee Assistance Program

Canopy is the City of Beaverton’s new EAP. It is a free and confidential benefit that can assist you and your eligible family members with any personal problems, large or small. Some of the services include:

  • Legal counseling: family law, consumer law, debt & bankruptcy, landlords and tenants, marriage, estate planning, and more.
  • Access to over 100 legal forms: wills, authorizations, agreements, notices, and more.
  • Financial Coaching: Credit, budgeting identity theft, investing, insurance, retirement planning and more.
  • Life Coaching: Work with a coach to identify goals and plans to reach them.
  • Emotional Counseling: stress, depression, addiction, anxiety disorders, assessments, grief and loss, suicide, and other emotional health issues.
  • Personal Growth: Increase your work/life balance.
  • Home Ownership: buying, selling, refinancing, credit score review.

All regular city employees, their dependents and/or household members may use the EAP.


The city participates in the Oregon Public Employers Retirement System (PERS) and pays both the employer and employee contributions. Employees become eligible to participate in the Individual Account Program (IAP) after six months of employment and are vested after 5 years in the pension part of PERS.

Workers' Compensation

Any city employee who sustains a compensable occupational injury or illness is eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits as prescribed by law.

Long Term Disability

The city provides employees with a monthly income disability insurance policy through Standard Insurance. The policy shall provide a maximum of 66 2/3% of an employee's monthly base salary after 90 days of disability; this applies to all employee groups. Other coverage details differ by employee group; please see your collective bargaining agreement for details. Premiums for long term disability insurance are fully paid by the city.

TriMet Passport Program

The city currently provides employees an annual TriMet Hop pass for use on all TriMet services. These passes are for current, regular city employees who use public transportation to get to work or attend business related meetings. They are available through the Human Resources Department.

Additional Benefit Options

  • Flexible Schedules
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Wellness Program