Risk Management

Responsibilities & Services

As part of the City Attorney’s Office, Risk Management is responsible for:

  • Claims for damage to or loss of city-owned property
  • The administration of liability claims asserted by third parties
  • Workers' compensation claims

The Risk Safety Officer is also responsible for assuring that all claims made for or against the city are processed in a timely manner in accordance with applicable regulations or statutes. Risk Management provides for the processing of claims made against the city for personal injury or property damage caused by city workers.

Claims Processing

How to File Damages or Losses

A person wishing to file a property damage or bodily injury claim against the city can access the City of Beaverton's Damage or Loss Claim Form or Formulario de Reclamo. Completed forms are to be emailed to bstrohl@beavertonoregon.gov or mailed to the:

Risk Manager
City of Beaverton
P.O. Box 4755
Beaverton, OR 97076-4755

Once the form has been submitted, the claim is logged into a database then sent to a claims adjuster who will contact the person filing the claim. The adjuster then gathers all facts and makes a determination regarding the validity of the claim.